• Enjoying the view during The Wave Meeting
  • Barbados Grace Fellowship, The Wave meeting
In 2009 BGF jumped on its first Wave and we have been riding ever since, well, figuratively at least! We ran our second Wave in 2014 and our plan is to offer this Discipleship Forum once a year going forward.

So, what is this "Wave" we are always talking about???

The WaveSmall Group meeting, Barbados Grace FellowshipThe Wave meetingThe Wave - meeting and enjoying a meal together
While the goal of “The Wave” is discipleship it is really all about an encounter with Jesus (True Life) through community. It’s a place to know Him, and to know others, and to be known too. It’s a safe, welcoming, challenging and miraculous place; it’s where Jesus is real - in and through those around us, in everything.

We call it “The Wave” because it’s not about a perfected system of action that leads us to a destination we have securely mapped along the way. It’s a journey – a miraculous adventure with Jesus and with others. It’s not defined, it’s rarely free of pot holes, and it’s never predictable. It’s a glorious, messy, enlivening, even insane experience of what Jesus told us when He said, “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life…” (John 14:6). We encounter Him and a deep desire to KNOW Him that we may never have known was within us… and we find out that He wants to know us as well. And that experience changes everything.

Who would benefit from The Wave?

The Wave meeting, Barbados Grace FellowshipThe Wave meeting at Barbados Grace FellowshipA member of Barbados Grace Fellowship laughing
The Wave is for anyone who is longing for an experience of community in the context of loving Jesus, loving themselves, and loving others. It’s not a Bible School, so this is not for those looking for instruction or training for ministry. The Wave environment is for those who are tired of trying to be good at Christianity, for those who desire more in their experience of relationship with God and others, and for those who simply need a place to be known and accepted.


”The Wave was a safe place to discover how uniquely God made me and just how much He thinks of me!”

– Linda Phillips


“The Wave was a breakthrough season for me. One of my highlights was taking time out of my busy schedule each week to explore my struggles, my filters, how my family values have shaped who I am and how that has affected my own relationship with God. As we journeyed together it was a blessing to see that many of us struggled with similar things. More than anything it helped me connect with people I see at church on a much deeper level and helped me feel more connected.”

– Wendy Cave


“The Wave was a very amazing time of learning about myself, God and others; it was full of community, fun and food! It was deep at times, but what God revealed was exactly what I needed and it was GOOD!”

– Debbie Buckmaster


“The wave: An experience and journey like no other that continues and enriches even to this day.”

– Marie Thomas

“The wave was and still is life changing for me.

Coming into the wave weekend retreat I was petrified. I didn’t know anyone but Wendy and had only been to BGF once. I didn’t feel like myself that weekend and no one made me feel like I had to “fake a smile”. It’s amazing how in such a short period of time (3months) you can learn so much about yourself. Some days I felt to open up and on others I just sat there thinking… I just want to crawl under a rock. 

The name of this programme fits perfect, it really is a wave… there are lots of ups and downs but in the end the fact is… Jesus loves you no matter what. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and who you are today, in this very moment is OK. 

I would do it again in a heartbeat!” 

– Tenika Tang

“The Wave was a great experience for me and I am really glad I did it.  At times I felt quite out of my comfort zone and had to take a hard look at some things I was going through.  But, I had a wonderful group of people around me and bonds were formed that I did not anticipate. In the end I experienced a deeper sense of Father’s love; of who I am in Him and the real freedom that comes with grace.”

– Rebecca Serrette