Your "Safe Place"

Many people believe that if you teach people enough Bible they will grow spiritually and demonstrate the life of Christ more consistently. From what we have experienced at BGF we do not believe that strong Bible teaching on a Sunday morning alone is enough to result in Spiritual growth. Nor do we believe just getting together in a Group once a week and providing more teaching will bring about the desired change.

At BGF we believe that change occurs when teaching is applied. We believe that we apply what we know Scripturally most effectively within community. As a result Small Groups at BGF are not Bible Studies, they are a safe places to process what we learn on a Sunday and how it applies to our lives in a “community of Grace”. Therefore, Small Group questions are based on the Sunday sermons and questions have a strong preference towards personal application.
  • Small Group meeting, Barbados Grace Fellowship
We believe our new hearts long for communities of Grace, where we can begin to experience true intimacy. Our old way of relating required ‘hiding’ and ‘keeping up of appearances’ as we viewed one another through our own  grid  of  shame,  blame  and  anger;  where  we  disguised  our true  selves  from  one  another.  However, we believe we all ache to be part of a community where we don’t have to pretend. Our desire is to have a “safe place” where we can genuinely begin to experience support, protection and love. 

We believe such a community allows us to experience the gift that is ours in Christ Jesus, where we no longer relate to each other according to the flesh; where we are no longer seen as ‘sinners who are saved’ but as ‘saints who sin’, so that we can stand alongside one another in the reality of our sin (2 Corinthians 5:16) without condemnation. In these communities we begin to become, in the truest sense of the word, ministers of reconciliation; reminding others about who they are in Christ and calling out into the open their deepest God given desires (2 Corinthians 5:18).

Because we believe being part of a Spiritual Community is what each of our hearts long for; that it is where people grow spiritually and are known and because we believe life shared in this way isn't possible in our once-weekly church service if you come to BGF regularly you will be strongly encouraged to attend a Small Group. 
  • Two ladies from Barbados Grace Fellowship

Why Small Groups are Integral to Life at BGF?

Our Vision is that Small Groups will be a ‘Safe Place’ for:

  • Coming to experience the Love and acceptance that is ours in Christ Jesus.
  • Discussing the concepts that are taught on a Sunday and provide an opportunity to study the Bible in detail as we apply it to our lives.
  • Providing a safe environment to be cared for and to care for each other, including helping meet the needs of the body in Love.
  • For individuals to practice using their gifts in the body.
  • To worship and celebrate God together.
  • We believe that life shared in this way will be beacon of light to the World and trust that these Small Groups will be a safe place to introduce both unbelievers and wounded believers to the love of God and a Life of joy and rest that is available to them in Christ Jesus. 


Please contact Heather Meyer if you would like more information or would like to be placed in a small group: