Organisations BGF has an Ongoing Relationship with

Network 220

(Previously Association of Exchanged Life Ministries)

Network 220 (named after Galatians 2:20) is an international network of more than 110 Churches, Counselling and Training Ministries. Each ministry is unique, with many offering discipleship, counselling, training and seminars designed to build you up in the life-changing message of your new identity in Jesus Christ.
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  • Frank Friedman
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Grace Life Fellowship, Baton Rouge

(Frank Friedmann)

During 2006-2009 GLF visited every 3-6 months. We continue to use Frank and the church’s sermons and enjoy their ongoing friendship and support.

Preston Gillham

Preston was aware of us from 2002 when Heather first wrote to Lifetime Guarantee but was more directly involved from 2006-2013. We are fortunate to enjoy a continuing friendship and appreciate Preston’s counsel.
Preston GillhamPreston with team
Preston Gillham & Team
  • Laurie
    Laurie Troublefield

Grace Connections

(Laurie Shoemaker, formerly Troublefield)

Laurie's Email

Initial contact with Laurie was in 2008. The first Wave Discipleship Course ran at BGF from Sept 2009-March 2010; the second from September-December 2015. Laurie and Retha have visited us and supported us at other times since our initial contact and continue to do so.

The Church at Grace Life

Pastor Herb Sims

We first met Herb in 2009 when he accompanied the Grace Connections Team to Barbados for a series of conversations to explore what Father might be up to through our miraculous connection. The members of Grace Connections attend The Church at Grace Life and have, for many years led The Ride there, which is their equivalent to the Wave.
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  • the Church at Grace Life
  • Melanie Pitcher
  • Beautiful Barbados sea

Christian Surfers

In 2014 our resident surfer girl Mel became the Local Mission Leader for Christian Surfers Barbados. This international organisation has a passion for Jesus and for surfing and is dedicated to reaching the world’s surfing community.

Local contact: Melanie Pitcher or

Ralph Harris

We first met Ralph in 2009 through Grace Connections. Ralph is a dear friend who has taught on the Wave, he also partners with us to address specific topics via short video sermons. Speaking to Churches and groups all over the world, Ralph has been in ministry since 1983. Prior to beginning LifeCourse Ministries in 2004 with his wife, Sarah, he served as Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church of Long Beach in Southern California for over ten years.
  • Ralph Harris, an affiliate of Barbados Grace Fellowship