What Makes BGF Different?

When you come to BGF we hope you will find a different experience of church. We are a family and hope to provide a safe community where Love is our focus. We believe in many ways we are functioning as a New Testament Church. We don't have a Pastor nor do we believe a single pastor or even a pastoral staff can meet the many needs of a diverse congregation. We believe and teach that every believer, is created, saved, called, gifted, authorised, and commanded to minister. The teaching each Sunday takes the form of a DVD or a short talk and Life happens through the week in our Small Groups, at Coffee Shops and on the job.

We Rest

We trust that as believers God delights in us! Nothing we do can make us more acceptable to or loved by Him. As such, we do not work or serve in order to earn acceptance and love. Instead, we work from a position of rest, overflowing with the amazing LIFE we have received.
  • Members of Barbados Grace Fellowship
  • A lady participating in a Sunday meeting at Barbados Grace Fellowship
  • Children from Barbados Grace Fellowship

Equipping the Saints

We have a strong emphasis on discipleship at BGF. While we meet together for fellowship, worship and teaching on a Sunday we do not believe this is the only place where the equipping of the saints takes place. As such, we provide two main environments where people have an opportunity to discover the unique way Father has gifted them. Once a year we offer a ‘one-off’ discipleship encounter called “The Wave” which we would like everyone who comes regularly to BGF to have participated in. In addition, we have weekly Small Groups which we believe are critical for spiritual formation, the development of community and training. In all things, we believe that we “are the church” and that we have been called and are already equipped to release the Life of Christ in all our interactions and any ministries He has us in. We are not simply to soak up knowledge and “place it under a bowl” (Luke 8:16); we are to be a light in the world.

Servanthood Emphasis

The Bible says that serving, rather than being served, is the heart of the Christian life (Matthew 20:28). Those who come to BGF believing they are here only to receive, to be served and be ministered to, are fully loved and accepted. However, we believe and teach that although we do not earn God’s acceptance through works, serving is a natural outpouring of the Grace we have received by faith.
  • Men's Group meeting
  • A Christmas feast at Barbados Grace Fellowship
  • Youth Group at Barbados Grace Fellowship

No Guilt!

We don’t typically beg, badger, or nag people in an attempt to get them involved although we invite the participation of anyone and everyone who shares our heart for ministry. We will gladly work with anyone who wants to grow and serve, but we don’t try to coerce people into participation when they are not ready for that level of commitment.

A Dependence on the Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit has provided our local body with all the spiritually gifted people needed to do everything He wants done. Our task is to discover, train, and support these people in ministry. If we find we are without the necessary resources to fund or “man” a particular ministry, we realise that may be a leading of God to go in a new or different direction. The clear leading of the Spirit of God (not historical precedents or a majority vote) determines what Ministries we will engage in and support. We are not an autocratic body that maintains a set-in-stone list of approved Ministries; rather, we seek to be a “permission-giving” church, releasing our members into new ministries that are in line with the body’s needs, individuals’ gifts and desires, and the overall vision of BGF.