BGF Time Line

2000 - 2001
The Alpha Course birthed a vision in Heather Meyer and Marilyn Gjosund for a small home church where we would be able to introduce our families to Grace and a new understanding of faith.
13th January 2002
Barbados Christian Fellowship (BCF) began meeting on Sunday Mornings. In the early days, we met on the verandah of the Meyer’s home, which had a large covered area under Ebor House in Marine Gardens. The children made use of the various areas that the large garden afforded.
October 2003
We officially became Barbados Grace Fellowship (when we registered as a charity).
August 2003
Moved to St. Gabriel’s Small Gym.
October 2005
Moved to the Ann Johnson Auditorium at St. Gabriel’s.
Ebor House in Marine GardensSt. Gabriel’s Small GymAnn Johnson Auditorium at St. Gabriel’sAnn Johnson Auditorium at St. Gabriel’s

Past BGF Leadership

Lisa Hunte MarquezHeadshot of Peter RaymerHeadshot of Sandy RaymerChris Watson and Ruth Hoad

Lisa Hunte-Marquez

Peter Raymer

Sandy Raymer

Ruth Hoad & Chris Watson

Amy and John Walker

Paster Randy and Cindy von Kanel

Marie Thomas

David and Marilyn Gjosund

Amy and John WalkerPastor Randy von Kanel and his wife CindyDavid & Marilyn Gjosund