Authority of the Bible and Understanding the Two Covenants

I believe the Bible is the Word of God, divinely inspired, and infallible; it commands my belief and action as a New Covenant Believer, blessed as such to live by Grace, versus under the Law.

Knowing God and How He Operates

I believe in a Personal God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - who is sovereign, righteous, all-knowing, all-powerful; who loves and accepts me. I can never be separated from His love.

Experiencing Christ as Life

I have been crucified, buried and resurrected with Christ. I am a new person with a new past, present and future. I am IN Christ and He is IN me; the Hope of Glory.

Theology, in relationship with Jesus, leads to personal expression...

The Holy Spirit empowers us to live our new lives in balance:

  • I bear the fruit of the Spirit: I depend upon the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit to govern every day and energize all my actions and as I do, I bear His fruit.
  • Worship: I believe Worship is the response of a grateful and humble heart to the overwhelming, redemptive love of the living God.
  • Prayer: I believe I can confidently approach my Father’s throne of Grace in Christ’s name because of Jesus’ Life in me. I pray to God to communicate with Him, to know Him, to lay my request before Him and to understand His will for my life.
  • Bible Study: I believe the Bible is a gift from God designed to draw me into His reality and as I study it I know Him and myself more deeply.
  • Ministry: I believe every child of God has a spiritual gift that needs to be used to minister to the body.
  • Witness: I believe everyone who has the Holy Spirit desires to witness to the faithfulness and love of Jesus. As we depend on Him we will have that opportunity.
  • I have the privilege of Grace Giving: As I yield to Christ, His Love and Grace flow from me. I give abundantly of my time, talents and money.

The life I now live I live by faith…

Expressing Life in Community

Small Group provides the safe environment, which allows the expression of Christ as Life through me to be experienced by others and me to experience Christ as Life expressed through others.

2015 Vision Diagram for Barbados Grace Fellowship