Why come to BGF?

When you come to BGF we hope you will find a different experience of church. We are a family and hope to provide a safe community where Love is our focus. We believe in many ways we are functioning as a New Testament Church. We don’t have a Pastor (nor do we believe a single pastor or even a pastoral staff can meet the many needs of a diverse congregation)...

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What is the Grace Life?

  • Barbados Grace Fellowship - The Wave
Frequently Asked Questions about what is The Grace Life.

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Core Tenets & Beliefs

1. Authority of the Bible and Understanding the Two Covenants
2. Knowing God and How He Operates
3. Experiencing Christ as Life
4. Expressing Life in Community

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  • Ann Johnson Auditorium at St. Gabriel’s
Come take a walk down memory lane. Here we list the BGF Time Line and past Barbados Grace Life Leaders.

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